McGonigal is the unquestioned leader in delivering superior automotive products and services while achieving complete customer satisfaction as a result of our individual and team efforts.


PEOPLE, The foundation of our business
We are impeccable with our word. We speak with integrity.
We treat each other with respect.
We operate as a team, helping each other out whenever possible.
We understand the importance of balancing work and family.
We recognize that our words, deeds and actions represent McGonigal and its employees.
PERFORMANCE, The path to success
                It defines how we operate.
                Success requires responsibility, accountability, and commitment,
                We set realistic goals, measure performance and share feedback.
                We provide the facilities, training, processes and equipment to meet those goals.
PHUN, Our environment
                It defines why we enjoy coming to work.
                We are passionate, motivated and take pride in what we do.
                We believe completely satisfied employees yield completely satisfied customers.
PRODUCT, Dream. Deliver. Drive.
                It defines the service we deliver.
                We listen and respond to the needs and expectations or our internal and external customers.
                We provide experiences to make our customers look forward to coming back.
PROFIT, The measure of our efforts
                It defines our past, our present and our future.
                Since 1928, We have reinvested in the people of McGonigal, our dealership, and the community.
                We will continue this legacy.